Main Focuses - Topic Areas for your Paper Proposal

Global Regulatory and Tax changes

  • Regulatory strategy and policies around the world
  • Private Banks between Basel III, AIFMD, Dodd Frank, FATCA and other changes
  • Legal, tax and compliance knowledge – new developments in 2013
  • Compliance: How Swiss banks implement the taxed assets strategy
  • What will be left from the Swiss banking secrecy in the next years?
  • Flat rate tax agreement or information exchange in Europe (Europe and OECD and FATCA)
  • Opinions on collective industry responses to global regulatory and political changes – how much regulation are the different models able to take?

New Markets and business development

  • Onshore or offshore? – business models for the future
  • Small and medium sized private banks – winners or losers of the new landscape?
  • Onshore strategies of different banks in different markets
  • Being successful in the US markets – case study of a foreign bank
  • Private Banking in the Gulf Region, BRIC and frontier markets
  • Onshore strategies for Asian markets

Relation Manager Education of the Future

  • How training and education will accelerate business change
  • Delivering Relationship Manager Education online

Mobile private banking platforms and social media

  • Private Banking in times of twitter, facebook and i-phone
  • Enhanced client experience through technology

Asset Management Strategies for HNWIs and UHNWIs

  • Strategic outlook and investment opportunities for the ultra wealthy
  • Sustainability as megatrend in private banking
  • Case study of a big family office or entrepreneur
  • Which are the asset classes of the future (forest, natural resources, art, property)
  • Asset Management in turbulent times  – lessons learned?
  • New products / investment methods (microfinance)

Achieving operation excellence  – case studies and visions

  • Private Banking Outsourcing Services
  • Industrialisation as a key factor for future success